TCP-IP Access Controller

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TCP-IP Access Controller

TCP-IP Access Controller


E.LINK-01/02/04 Series Access Controllers provide the solution for powerful combinations of access control and alarm monitoring.


*E.LINK-01 is now capable to handle1 doors / 2 readers with a single controller.
  E.LINK-02 is now capable to handle 2doors / 4 readers with a single controller.
  E.LINK-04 is now capable to handle 4 doors / 4 readers with a single controller.

*E.LINK Series Access Controllers fits any type of installations, up to 10,000 users, 30000 in and out records. from single buildings to multiple sites spread over remote locations and linked via TCP/IP.

*The user-friendly Access software (B/S Structure or called ‘Browser Server’ Mode) programs the system within a few minutes, from a non-dedicated PC. Access Software provides numerous access control and alarm monitoring features: expiry date for clubs, automatic activation, interlock between two doors, time zones, supervision, anti-pass back, activity reports...

*Each alarm input is programmable: operating mode (NO or NC), time zones, local reflex (activation of outputs according to input status). Specific alarms are triggered according to the number of unsuccessful attempts, the time limit for door closing (door alarm).

*Whenever required, the data stored in the controllers is transferred to the computer and activity reports are printed. Each controller works independently and keeps its own database.

*Visual LEDS (Four lights: Red, Green, Blue, Orange) indicate the inputs, outputs and communication status.


*Dimension:, 160*110*28 mm 
                        E.LINK-04, 220*120*28 mm

*Wiegand 26 /32/34 (Motorola, HID, EM, Mifare, TI, Fingerprint, Handkey, IRIS

*1-600 Seconds Adjustable Door Open Time

*No Limitation for Network Doors

*ACCESS Software database

*-40 – 70 Operating Temperature

*220V, 50HZ input, 12V, 3A output

*10,000 Users, 30000 records

*Flash ROM Power off Protection

*Software basic function: Door sensor alarm, Automatic change between card and password, Input alarm, Open the door by initial card, Double Door Interlock, Intimidated password, Constant opening status setting, Anti-pass back, Electronic map, Tele control.