13.56 MHz Frequency FM1208 CPU contact less smart card readers.

2022-02-14 11:52:17

13.56 MHz Frequency FM1208 CPU contactless smart card readers. Never be hacked, copied or duplicated like proximity cards or mifare cards.

FM1208 CPU contactless smart card Specification

*Support ISO/IEC 14443A protocol

*13.56 MHz Frequency

*CPU commands are compatible with 8051 commands.

*With built in DES (Data Encryption Standard) Microprocessor

*Data Storage is 8Kbyte EEPROM

*106kbits/S data transfer speed

*Programmer Storage: 8K*8bit ROM

*Meet Bank Card Standards


FM1208 CPU Card Reader Specification

Either Support contactless CPU smart card Or Mifare card

Dimensions   : 86mm*86mm *20 mm

Housing Material  : ABS housing

Environment Operating temperature: 0 °C to 60 °C

Operating relative humidity: 10% to 90%

Protection Classification:    IP66

Certification: CE

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