Economic Access Control Kit

2023-04-24 11:21:11

Access Control Kit Access Controller Keypad Access Control System Set


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Access control and safety management system is a new modern safety management system. It is an effective method to solve the inward and outward 

safety management. This Access Control kit can be applied to all kinds of places, such as bank, hotel, office, computer room, factory, etc.

Stand Alone Access Control System Kit 180kg Electric Magnetic Lock 12V Power Supply Exit Button Full Set Door Open Entry System

Support one-door
Support 1000 users, support RFID card, password, card+password, total three open door mode
Sensitively and response quickly
Build in RFID reader, contactless RFID transponder technology
Can be used as a stand alone keypad.Doesn't need to connect on the computer,can works alone.





Electronic Magnetic Lock

1. Corrosion resistant. Aluminum shell adopts high strength material, with hard anodised processing.
2. Use magnetic power to lock the door, 180kgs (350lbs) holding force.
3. Built-in reverse current protection device (MOV).
4. Can be opened by push button, remote controller, etc.
5. Fit for wooden door, metal door, glass door, fireproof door, etc.
6. Material: Aluminum Alloy
7. Lock size: 38x20x170mm
8. Plate size: 33x10x130mm
9. Pull force: 180KG(350lbs)
10. Working mode: power-on to lock


DC 12V 3A Power Supply

1. AC input: Standard AC100V-240V 50-60HZ
2. DC output: C12V 3A