QR Code Scanner Module

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QR Code RFID Reader Access Control QR Code Scanner with Wiegand,RS232,RS485,RJ45 ER80 QR Code Access Card Reader is our new intelligent Access Card Reader, Fast reading speed, High recognition rate, Strong compatibility, can connect to any Wiegand input controller, widely used at Office access management, Tourism management, Community visitor access management, Administration Service Hall management, Gates access control, Visitors intelligent machines, Smart home; Upgrade old access control systems etc.

QR Code Reader Access Control QR Code Scanner 

Reader Technical Parameter




Case:PC identify panel:tempered glass


Wiegand26、34 、RS485、RS232、USB、TCP/IP optional

Decoding support

QR、one dimensional code


Support 4-15V Wide voltage input



Reading directions

Camera centric slant 45°

Reading speed


Reading range


Reading feature

auto-induction, beep hint

Light source

With LED light source itself,anti-highlight interference

Decode Mode

Image decoding

Application environment

Temperature:-20~70℃ Humidity:10%~90%

Operate system

Windows(xp 7 8 10)、Linux

Indicating status light

Red-Work、Green-Feedback、Light Green-Internet

Reading range


Reading card type

EM or Mifare card


Restore  Factory Settings: Use sharp objects inserted into REST hole of QR code reader  backside, release till the QR code reader automatically restart.


1.DC 12V 1000MA

2.EM card or Mifare Card for choose

3.Identify paper or screen QR Code

4.Support 26/34 weigand output to third party Access Control system

5. RS232, RS485,USB virtual keyboard, USB virtual Serial port, HTTP output, MQTT output optional

Wire connection:

VCC:DC12;    GND:DC12;D0:DATA0;D1:DATA1; LED:LED indicate; BEEP:Sound ;



SPK-、SPK+:not define;

RJ45:connect to network, PC software setting reader parameter;apply to HTTP mode

micro-USB:For USB virtual keyboard and USB virtual serial port mode communication.

mes New Roman';mso-fareast-font-family:Arial;font-size:12.0000pt;" >HTTP output, MQTT output optional


1: do not connect the power to the SPK+ and SPK- ports;

2:Wiegand output, QR code shall comply with the principle of combination of 1hexadecimal number 0~F, the QR code in accordance with this principle, controller can receive the card data; QR code not in accordance with this principle, the controller can not receive the card data;

3: Wiegand output, default QR code output is decimal number.


QR code reader manual.png