Video intercom management IP phone

Products Mode: V600
Cloud platform authorization,touch screen,support one-button calling and one-button alarm. ●8 inches, home screen for touch screen ●management machine displays all the equipment terminals in the community;; ●device terminal can call the management machine for video call with one key and open the door remotely ●one-button alarm is connected to the indoor machine, and the one-button alarm can be sent to the management machine for calling through the indoor machine. ●suitable for all industries and fields, and can meet the needs of users in different industries.

Main Features

◆customized based on Android 6.0;

◆2.4G wireless Bluetooth, support Bluetooth printer;

◆RJ11 PSTN Wired telephone interface x1; 

◆RJ45 100MB Wired network interface x1 ; 

◆G+GFive touch; 

◆Standard 8GB, USB flash disk, microSD (TF card, maximum 128GB)


*8 inch screen size

*2500 mah Battery capacity

*Multi-touch touch screen call

*hands-free calls are supported

*RAM 1GB memory

*WLAN  802.11b/g/n/a


*bluetooth 4.0

*2 million camera