doorbell remote monitoring video intercom HD low power gain WiFi wireless visual doorbell

Products Mode: EM4C
Place of Origin: China
Material: Plastic
Width: 90mm
Application: home use
Weight: 140
Colors: black
Intelligent doorbell remote monitoring video intercom HD low power gain WiFi wireless visual doorbell EM4C Features: wireless connection, ultra-low power consumption, remote active wake-up, fast start
Min. Order: 1
Payment: TT,Western Union,Paypal

Purpose: visitors can make video voice calls and short-time video recording, so that the host can know the information of visitors without opening the door


Wake up mode: doorbell button wake-up, PIR body detection wake-up, mobile phone active wake-up


The push time is less than 1 second


Master control chip: Junzheng T31


The number of online users supports three users to watch online at the same time, and does not limit the number of sharing

Doorbell Monitor Features

When you go out, your mobile phone can check the situation at the door at any time

Built in 6 high-power infrared lamps, combined with ICR infrared filter, can automatically switch between day and night mode according to the brightness of the environment. Night vision distance of 5 meters. Dark night without light environment, the picture is still clear.

5200ma large capacity rechargeable battery can be used for 60 days if it wakes up 15 times a day.

It can be recharged 1000 times for 5 hours

18650 pointed battery, 18 * 6.5, 3.7V

With memory card, up to 64g

Including one month cloud storage experience service

Installation method

Connect the mobile phone to 2.4G WiFi network (5g network is not supported), scan the QR code in the mobile application market or browser, Download app ubox, open the app, register the account, scan the code to connect the pairing, and you can log in successfully.

Suitable for apartment, office, home, company, etc