New Arrival WiFi 3D Smart Face Access Control Door Lock Face Recognition Door Lock with Tuya APP

Products Mode: F-01
TUYA remote unlock + face recognition + magnetic card + password + key + automatic switch lock + doorbell + video peephole+The doorbell triggers remote automatic photo unlocking

About version notices

The appearance of this lock has been revised, and the specific details are subject to the option pictures. The front panel of the new version has been added with electroplating technology, and the yellow lines have been removed. The overall texture is stronger, the appearance is higher, and the appearance is easier to match with home doors.


Brand Name: Fondvision
Model: F-01
Product: Face Recognition Lock
Color: Plating Cool Black
Fingerprint capacity: ≤100
Magnetic card capacity: ≤100
Face capacity: ≤25
Lock cylinder type: C-level lock cylinder
Door thickness: 3mm-110mm (beyond the door thickness, additional bearings are required)
Applicable type: wooden door/security door/steel door/iron door/aluminum door
Working power: 5000MAH built-in lithium battery (rechargeable)
Emergency power supply: USB
Working temperature: -10°~60°
Recognition speed: ≤0.5S
Waterproof grade: not waterproof
Fingerprint Reader: OFILM Optical Fingerprint Sensor
Face recognition technology: 3D structured infrared light (currently the highest technology for face recognition)
Human infrared sensor: open by default, automatically open when approaching and recognize faces
Door lock function: Tuya remote camera unlock, video peephole, temporary password, switch reminder, usage record, face recognition, fingerprint, magnetic card, password, key, automatic switch lock, doorbell, tamper-proof alarm
Lock body size: support all anti-theft lock body sizes, some special large lock bodies require additional shipping
Door opening direction: The door opening direction can be selected in the door lock interface menu, and both left and right are compatible.