Copy-​Wiegand 26/34 or RS232, RS485 Card Reader Access Control

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​Wiegand 26/34 or RS232, RS485 Card Reader Access Control

Wiegand 26/34 or RS232, RS485 Card Reader Access Control

·Less than 0.2 second Response Speed
·Less than 0.5 seconds Proximity Time Distance:
·2-15cm Proximity Range
·Support EM-ID 125Khz or Mifare 1 Card (13.56 MHz Frequency)
·-25℃ to 75℃ Ambient Temperature,10%-90% Ambient Humidity
·Built-in Antenna
·Built-in LED (Double Color LED)
·Built-in Loud Speaker (Buzzer)
·DC 12V Working Voltage,70mA Working Current
·100 Meters Communication Distance
·Real Time Data Transfer
·Black or white Color

Using + type screw driver to loosen the screw between the panel and motherboard. And then embed the motherboard to the side wall with the plastic plug and screws.

Wire Connection

Red        DC 5V-16V
Black       GND
Blue         D1
White        D0
Brown        BEEP
Green        LED
Yellow       Alarm

1. Confirm the electric voltage (DC12V) and differentiate positive anode and cathode of power supply
2. When external Power is used, make sure sharing the power with Controller Box or using the same GND
3. When the distance between card reader and controller is more than 50m, please use Power Line with at least 1.5 square cm Dia, or using several parallel Network wires