Usb rfid reader read em4100 125khz cards or iso 15693 mifare

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Desktop USB Card Raeder

usb rfid reader read em4100 125khz cards or iso 15693 mifare

USB rfid card reader realize the function of transiting the data from reader to PC via USB Port. The user has no need to download any driver program. You just plug it to USB Port for normal working. It cans instead previous PS2 Interface Issuing Device. If your Computer Keyboard port has no sufficient power, or not convenient for keyboard output, or with broken keyboard, especially Notebook PC has no PS2 Keyboard out, USB Reader provide ideal solution for abovecase. Also this type is with the advantage of no Driver, no additional power.

Support Windows98, 2000, XP, 2003, window7, window8......
Support EM-ID (125 kHz Frequency) or M1 Card(13.56Mhz)
Standard PC USB Communication Interface
Champagne or Black Color
DC 5V working Voltage or Power on USB
-10 to 70 C Ambient Temperature
Less 100mA Working Current
5- 10cm Proximity Reading Range
USB Output Format

About Use

Connect USB data wire between Device and PC, after 30 seconds system testing period, then punch the card, Card Number will be showed on Screen automatically Lines (No need press Enter for it)

Free software for choose card output format by yourself

there are 6h、8h、10h、5h10d、6h10d、8h10d、10h10d、
2h10d+4h10d、4h10d+4h10d、last 8 digits number of 6h10d, last 8 digits
number of 8h10d, M8h in the reverse order,M8h10d in the reverse