Keypad Metal EM/MF Access Controller

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Keypad Metal EM/MF Access Controller

Keypad Metal  EM/MF Access Controller

Product Specification

Waterproof rate: IP68

Metal case, anti-vandal

Multi-function standalone access controller and reader, 

can be used as WG26 reader

Capacity: 2000 cards/ codes

Three accesses: card, pin, card+pin

Digital backlit keypad

WG interface: WG26 Input/output

Doorbell support and interface: button and circuit segregate, 

Any doorbell can be connected

Products specification

Card typeEM/MFStatic electricity: 30mA
Working voltage: DC12V±10%Ambient temperature: -45  ~ 60 
Reading Range:3-6cmElectric lock output: 3A
Humidity: 10% to 90% RHShort-circuit Protect: 100μS
Door Opening Time:0-99s(Adjustable)Dimensions: 143*58*25mm