RS232 RFID Card Reader

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RS232 RFID Card Reader

RS232 RFID Card Reader

5 V Operating voltage
Inside Antenna
Reading Range up to 50mm
keyboard emulation Format of Output
Support TM-e5551, Mifare or EM ID
125 KHz Frequency
0 to 55 Deg. C Operating Temperature
-25 to 65 Deg Storage Temperature

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.

Wire Connection Instrution
Plug with 6 points to PC keyboard port,
Plug with 6 point to PC keyboard, Crystal plug to Reader.

*Read RFID transponders contactlessly, such as RFID cards, tags, tubes
*Verify the code number of RFID transponders
* keyboard emulation
*Decimal or Hexadecimal code number selectable
*Digits of the code number selectable
*Audible beeper to show reading status

Verifying RFID code number
Personal indentification
POS system
Security Systems
Access Systems