QR Barcode Scanner RFID Reader Smart Card Reader Access Control Waterproof Wiegand26/34 RS232 USB

Products Mode: R101S
Waterproof QR Barcode Scanner 2D Mini Embedded Module QR Code USB Barcode Reader Access Control

QR Barcode Scanner RFID Smart Card Reader Access Control Waterproof Wiegand26/34 RS232 USB 

Vending Machine Kiosk QR Barcode Scanner 2D Mini Embedded Module 

QR Code USB Barcode Reader Access Control 

QR Wiegand26/34,RS232,RS485,USB,TTL QR Barcode Scanner Access Control Reader Module

Product performance description

  • Intelligent device with high integration and excellent performance, which integrates embedded QR code scanning,Barcode

and card swiping. It adopts advanced CMOS image recognition technology and intelligent image recognition system, high code
scanning recognition rate, fast speed, sensitive card swiping response, strong compatibility, integrated and compact design, and
can be easily embedded into all kinds of equipment. It can be used in the fields of QR code scanning recognition, IC card reading,
QR code payment system, access control system, vending machine, smart home, lockers and so on.

Product Description

Paremeter type

Parameter name

Parameter value

Products Features

Fill-in light

With LED light, induction light, anti strong light interference

Image sensor


Camera pixel

300000 pixels

Scan resolution



QR Code

Decoding mode

Image based decoding engine

Decoding recognition accuracy


QR code size

8~100 mm

Reading range


Reading angle

Rotate 360 °, tilt ± 45 °, deflection ± 45 °

Scan mode

Automatic induction, instant wake-up

QR code type

displayed on device screens,paper, metal, plastic code, etc

Reading speed


Card Type

Mifare Card

Reading card range

MF 1~5cm


1.USB virtual serial port /WG/TTL Factory default

2.USB virtual serial port /WG/232/TTL RS232 Optional

3.USB virtual serial port /WG/485/TTL RS485 Optional

Prompt mode

Buzzer sound, red work light on, green feedback light flashes

Appearance and


65×66×25mm(with Locatibng hole)

Scan window size

37.5×47.5 mm

Scan window material

HD tempered glass

Packing parts list

(QR code reader module,manual,3P wire,7Pwire)×1





Electrical parameters

Work voltage


Work current

5V 104mA±5%
12V 50mA±5%

Stand by Current

5V 92mA±5%
12V 40mA±5%

Power Consumption


Working environment

Working humidity


Working temperature