Smart Remote Control Door Lock With access control Keypad For Indoor Or Outdoor wireless access control

Products Mode: FV-D2

The FV-D2 is a wireless smart lock kit for glass door use, it includes wireless keypad + Wireless Lock + two Remote Transmitters.
433MHz Rolling Code of encryption algorithm and the split design guarantee higher-secure.

1: Support 500 PIN/card users/4-8 digits PIN, 125 KHz EM Card
2: With two Standard Remote Transmitters
3: 433MHz Rolling Code technology
4: Communication distance: 50m Max
5: Ultra low power consumption

User Capacity


PIN Length

4-8 Digits

Card Type

125KHz EM Card

Operating Voltage

Wireless Keypad

3 units of AAA batteries

Wireless Lock

4 units of AA batteries

Remote Transmitter

1 unit of 2032 Lithium battery

Idle Current

All items < 10uA

Working Current

Wireless Keypad

< 50mA

Wireless Lock

< 42mA

Remote Transmitter

< 3mA

Communication Frequency


Communication Distance

50m Maximum

Operating Temperature

Wireless Keypad

-40°C~+60°C (-40°F~+140°F)

Wireless Lock

-20°C~+60°C (-4°F~+140°F)

Operating Humidity



Wireless Lock

Zinc-Alloy + ABS Shell


ABS Shell


Wireless Keypad

L135 x W54 x D19(mm)

Wireless Lock

L186 x W122 x D26(mm)

Remote Transmitter

L62 x W30 x D11.5(mm)

Unit Weight

Wireless Keypad


Wireless Lock


Remote Transmitter