Wiegand QR Code Scanner NFC Reader QR Code Access Control Card Reader Scanner QR Code

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QR code + RFID card reader is a new generation of smart card reader developed by our company, the product Appearance adopts standard 86 box industry standards, fast scanning speed, high recognition rate, strong can be connected to any controller that supports Wiegand input and is suitable for various application scenarios. At present, it is widely used in the management of visitor entry personnel in business office buildings, the management of scenic tourist personnel,Community visitor access management, administrative hall access control, supporting gates, access control, visitor machines,Smart home, etc.;

perfect upgrade for traditional credit card systems in various industries.

Card TypeEM Card/IC Card
QR, One-dimensional code
Reading Direction (Barcode)45°inclined plane with the lens
Auto-induction,beep hint
Working Voltage5~15V
Reading distance (Card)3~6cm
Reading Distance (Barcode)0~20cm
Tempered glass(code window)
Working Humidity10%~90%
Operation systemWindows XP/7/8/10, Linux
Indicating lightBlue-working

QR code formate support: code128,code39,EAN-8,EAN-128,EAN-13,QR Code, ISBN-13,Data Matrix,PDF417,UPC-A


1.When Wiegand outputs, the scanned two-dimensional code must confirm to the card number principle of 8-digit hexadecimal and ten-digit decimal combination of 0-9/AF.

The two-dimensional code conforming to the principle of full card number, the controller can receive card number data, not According to the two-dimensional code of
the card number principle, the controller cannot receive the card number data.
2.Serial port 485 IC card number conventional output format For example, the four-byte hexadecimal card number is Al B2 C3 D4