Mobile access control

Wireless Standalone Access Controller

Includes a Wireless Reader and a Receiver.

*433MHz Frequency, programmable Wiegand output of the Receiver

Can work with most Wiegand controller. 

Mobile Standalone Access Controller 

Support 125khz card and visitor cards.

50M long range communication distance.

Door bell,alarm and door sensor output

How does mobile wireless access control work?

Mobile wireless access control systems primarily rely on wireless communication technology to control access and authenticate identities. Detailed information about its working process can be found below:

1, User identity information is stored on the access card or mobile device (such as a mobile phone) held by the user. Access control cards can be passed by simply holding the card close to the card reader, or by using a mobile phone credential.

2, The access control host and the access control electric lock are installed on the door that needs to be controlled. Access control information is received, processed, and transmitted by the access control host, which is the heart of the entire system. Electric locks are responsible for controlling the opening and closing of doors.

3, Access control cards and mobile devices contain information that is read by the card reader and sent to the access control controller. Authentication of access cards and mobile devices is carried out by the access controller. Access management software usually stores authorization information that is used for this verification process.

4, A door opening command will be sent to the access control host if the access control controller passes the verification. Upon receiving this command, the access control host will open the access control electric lock, allowing users to pass through.

5, Mobile wireless access control systems can also be combined with smartphone applications for more convenient and intelligent access control. Through the mobile app, users are able to check their access control status, request door openings, and receive notifications. Access control systems with this integration method are not only more convenient for users, but they are also more secure and efficient to manage.

6, Security measures and advanced encryption technology are used throughout the process of transmitting and storing information by the mobile wireless access control system. It can help prevent information from being stolen or tampered with, as well as ensure that access control is accurate and reliable.